I Wanna Follow You

He often asks if I want to lead.

I wanna follow you.

I wanna follow you.

My response is always the same.

“Nope. I wanna follow you. And don’t let me slow you down.”

So this handsome husband of mine hops on his bike, the 27-speed hand-me-down from his brother, the bike he has fitted with a gel seat for his aging body, and a new chain, and he pulls ahead of me.

Truth is, I like following the HH.

He challenges me.

His fast and fearless spirit counters my slow and cautious one. He races around corners and in my desire to keep up, I discover I love the thrill; I love the wind whipping around the bits of hair that stick out from my helmet while sweat brought on from the early morning Colorado sun drips down my back and my gingerliness is left in the dust.

This morning’s path leads us through perfumed greenery and quiet shrubs and along a carefree gravel road with small stones crunching beneath our tires. On a particularly curvy stretch of the trail I lose sight of him, but I am not concerned. I know, even when I can’t see him, he is there ahead of me, calling out “on your left” to the pedestrians strolling along the same path so they scurry over to the edge and I am free to whiz on past, shouting a thank you over my shoulder.   Much of the ride is scenic, but there are also busy intersections to cross, with traffic lights and screeching tires and subwoofers bouncing race car wannabes and the sickening smell of hot rubber from nearby tire shops.

The HH always waits for me at intersections.

Then we stand together, chatting, taking a quick chug from our water bottles, patient.

When the signal tells us we can continue our journey, I let the HH  pull ahead.

‘Cause I wanna follow him.

Now as Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon who was called Peter and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. And He said to them “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. Matthew 4:18-20 NAS
Following my handsome husband is an adventure and I find myself going further and harder than I ever would on my own. But that cannot even begin to compare to the adventure that awaits when we take up the call to follow Jesus. Sometimes life leaves me dizzy from its curvy path, and my legs are burning from the difficult pedaling, and I can’t quite see Him around the bend.  But I know He’s there, leading, protecting, cherishing, challenging. And I wanna follow Him all of my days.

4 thoughts on “I Wanna Follow You

  1. Marie,
    That was so beautiful! I want to follow Jesus with all my heart. Although I don’t ride my bike as much as I’de like, I know the Lord is always walking before me, paving the way and leading me with His light.

  2. I enjoyed the musicality of the words you wrote here. There is a lovely rhythm and cadence that I think might be reflective of the rhythm of your marriage.

  3. You know, Marie, I always used to think John Denver’s old song “Follow Me” made a great Jesus-is-calling-His-Bride sort of song. I hear that song playing in the background, as I read this! Beautiful life-illustration of the gospel!

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